C++ programmers often praise their statically typed language. Having a compilation phase with the possibility to statically check for possible errors is a feature that makes good for the time […]

In the last two posts I have written about compiler warnings. There’s much more to getting hints about code smells and potentially problematic pieces of code than that. That’s the job […]

Move constructors are often cheaper than copy constructors, which makes the construction and immediate relocation of objects in modern C++ more effective than in C++03. However, just moving the parts needed to construct the object in the right place can be even more effective. Several standard library functionalities use perfect forwarding to construct objects right where they are needed.

This is another post motivated by Twitter: It’s about those cheat sheets, for example those showing C++ operator precedence, that some people have stick to their monitor or cubicle wall. Unless they […]

Sometimes we fail to acquire a needed resource or responsibility during the construction of an object. Sometimes the construction of a subobject fails. How can we deal with an incompletely […]

Have you seen classes with a method isValid() or something similar? You most definitely have seen and even used such classes. Maybe you have even written such a method yourself. […]