First month’s restrospect

It has been just under a month now since I started this blog. I must say, I am overwhelmed by the responses so far. I would have expected the first few months to start slow, getting maybe some 100 visits a day. I got way more, up to 1000 a day:

Visits per day in January, captured by "Count Per Day" WP plugin
Visits per day in January, as captured by “Count Per Day” WP plugin

The plugin I use to count my blog visitors has a feature that tells me where visitors come from. The biggest source seems to be Twitter, and the most contributing factor there is @meetingcpp who has retweeted every single blog post announcement I have done. In addition he has linked to this blog in his article about C++ in 2015 which has contributed to the spike on Jan 16th. Thanks for that, Jens! The second source of visitors is the blog on I had never dreamed of being mentioned there – at least not in the first months.

All together I think I have had a pretty good start, and I am determined to keep up the work.

However, I could not have done that without the motivation I owe to various others, among them bloggers, but also colleagues who asked me to write down some things instead of explaining them verbally.

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