Hi everyone.
I find myself currently unable to keep up with the pace I practiced for the last two years. Work, side projects, and other stuff just got in the way. Therefore, I will reduce the frequency of blog posts for the time being, but hopefully not for too long.

The good news is: This means there is more space for guest posts. So if you’d like to help out and fill the gaps, don’t hesitate do contact me!

— Arne

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  1. Hi Arne,
    I just wanted to read your newest post. And now that.

    You did a great job. For me, one of the reasons for the C++ renaissance are blogs like yours. Your blog was my motivation to start my own one in German.
    Maintaining a blog for more than two years is a big job. Each week you have to think about new and exciting topics and the more popular your posts become the higher the hurdle. This is quite exhausting.

    I highly appreciate your work.


  2. Good luck Arne with your projects. Are you going to publish some of this work? We do appreciate your blog, and if you’re speaking somewhere or if we can continue to follow you in another way during this well-deserved period of slowing down on the blog, we would love to know how! 🙂


    1. Thanks Jonathan!
      I think I’ll give short status updates on the blog when something interesting happens.


  3. Thanks for the blog, we appreciate it!


  4. “Hi together.”
    I think you are mistranslating Zusammen into English. Instead, we would say: “Hi everyone.”
    I had a coworker make a similar mistake when I was an expat in Germany.


  5. I’m sorry to hear that, but, please, take all the time you need. I love reading your blog, but it should never be a chore!


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